Fromage de Brillat-Savarin

I went out to a fancy dinner the other night, and noticed this listed as a cheese. Even though graduate education will never make me rich, it does impart a little status, and I got a kick out of pulling out some  knowledge to feel like I was in on the joke. Is there any text we will read this semester that does not reference or paraphrase Brillat-Savarin? That guy is so ubiquitous that he is even on cheese! For additional status, read the wikipedia page en francais.

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  1. I was beginning to think that Brillat-Savarin line was a bit cheesy…(!)

  2. dygottlieb

     /  February 9, 2012

    (!) mmm, triple-cream. if you’re into that, try red hawk:

    Interesting how food education/worldliness is a key new status marker, right? We might not have $, but we sure have a wealth of valuable (nerdy?) cultural capital.


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