sweetness and purity continued…

Following up what we discussed in today’s class, I would like to share these two articles from Social & Cultural Geography for your future reference.

1. Hollander, Gail M. “Re-naturalizing Sugar: Narratives of Place, Production and Consumption.” Social & Cultural Geography Vol. 4, no.1 (March 2003): 59-74.

While we talked about sweetness in Britain before the 20th century, this article is about the case of US in the 20th century.  Using the term “supermarket narratives”– stories regarding place and production that appear on commodity packaging—, this article talks about the history and political economy of sugar production.

2. Domosh, Mona. “Pickles and Purity: Discourses of Food, Empire and Work in Turn-of-the-century USA.” Social & Cultural Geography Vol. 4, no.1 (March 2003): 7-26.

Even though it is not quite about ketchups, it talks about Heinz’ productions of pickles in the industrialized society at the turn of the century in relation to the concept of whiteness and purity.  It is worth taking a look since this article has interesting illustrations.