Buy a bag, feed a kid

This week’s book reminded me of the proliferation of ‘good’, ‘conscious’ consumption that has emerged over the past decade, undeniably a symbol of our ‘development-minded’ culture. From bags to bracelets to chocolate bars conscious consumers can give and get simultaneously..yes, the America we know and love, buy a bag and feed an impoverished child!

Founded by , Lauren Bush and Ellen Gustafson a UN World Food Program advisor, the “FEED Projects’ mission is to create good products that help FEED the world”. For example, the FEED 1 bag (shown above) has a donation of $20 (1/3 of the retail cost) included in every bag purchase, which FEED then donates to the World Food Program(WFP). So, you pay $135 for the bag and $20 goes to WFP to feed the children.  Hmm, interesting..wouldn’t it just be better to make a $135 contribution directly to the program ??