Visiting McDonald’s and Wasn’t it Good?

Here we are on our fabulous field trip to the one and only McDonald’s in Tubingen.  We came, we saw, we read, and we chowed down on burgers, Happy Meals (with a stylish Barbie make up mirror) fish sandwiches (my choice), fries, and McFlurries. Image

And the of course the fun was mixed with serious study.  Here we are trying to make sense of McDonald’s own promotional literature.


And here is a picture of the trash from our meals — boxes, wrappers, straws, napkins, tray liners, spoons, lids, cups, and condiments packets.  According to one web-site, it takes 800 square miles of forest just to keep McDonald’s supplied with paper for one year.  The Telegraph from the UK reports fast food litter was second to cigarette ends in littering the country’s streets and 29 per cent of that was from McDonald’s restaurants, followed by boxes and cups from unbranded kebab and fast food shops. Clearly we were doing our part.


Finally, here is an essay I wrote on the tensions between the global and the local using the example of Starbucks.