Patti Smith knows how to battle McDonaldization.


No respect for employees?

What I noticed when watching the videos by people who worked for McDonald’s was that the main complaints were about the customers whom they had to serve. It seems like everybody who goes out to eat at McDonald’s is generally rude, can’t make their mind up on what to eat, doesn’t know how to pronounce things and on top of that – wants their order as quickly as possible (in a fast food restaurant! can you imagine?!).

So, do the consumers lack respect for the workers at McD’s? If so, why do they look down so much on the people that serve them? Is it cause they don’t consider serving people at a fast food restaurant to be a real job? Or have the employees just not watched enough of this:

Sugar Sugar, honey

What I noticed when looking at the ingredients lists was how much sugar there is in everything, especially the buns and the sauces. And not just sugar – but the cheaper and much sweeter version of it, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is rather addictive. The problem with sugary foods is how used our guts become to them- and we therefore start craving them when we’re hungry even though we know they’re bad for us. And worse: if you eat HFCS (and regular sugar for that matter), your blood sugar levels go up really quickly (like a kid dizzy on lemonade), but they also go down very fast afterwards. Which means you’re hungry again, and crave more sugary food.

HFCS is also – much more so than sugar – made responsible for obesity in American society. Here’s a really interesting article on HFCS vs. sugar: