to work at McDonalds

From the videos I have watched and the experiences I have heard about from friends in the US, working at McDonalds seems like a pretty miserable deal. The pay is not enough to live off, the customers are generally disrespectful, and the environment is depressing. 

The workers in the restaurants are paid minimum wage in the states. And even though they are mostly teenagers, most are teenagers that HAVE to have a job. I know that when I worked in high school, if my only option was to have a job at a fast food restaurant, I just wouldn’t work. But some don’t have the option. My friends from school were either coming from a low-class family or had children while they were in school and had to support a family.

As if the pay wasn’t bad enough, dealing with rude customers and being around miserable co-workers (none of which want to be there) really makes fast food workers hate their job. The customers demand ridiculous things like free food and drinks because they believe they somehow deserve it. And when they don’t get anything they become upset..? Makes no sense. I know from working in a restaurant that this occurs occasionally, but it  seems to be more prominent in McDonalds eateries because they are “fast food” and deemed cheaper (with food and workers), therefore easier to push around. All of the unhappiness in the workplace can really add up to bigger issues too, example: The fact that they hire people with such a violent past is one thing, but in the workers defense they most likely deal with terrible customers often… It was just a matter of time before they snapped from stress. (ok, the metal rod is a bit much, but you get my point)

The McDonalds corporation seems to think that everything is quite lovely at McDonalds restaurants and it is full of opportunities. “We believe the best people in the world work right here. And we believe you could be one of them. You’ve got enthusiasm, responsibility and drive. We’ve got flexible schedules, benefits and jobs that can turn into satisfying careers. It’s a perfect match.” But all I have observed from people working there is they smell permanently of fried food, most are unhappy and they all complain about the low pay. Granted, not all McDonalds are the same. Some are much more well-kept and respectable than others. I just have more knowledge on the run-down, gross restaurants in South Carolina.

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