Mc Donalds – like a family for its employees?

The first thing when you check up the German Mc Donalds page for career and working opportunities is a video which pops up immediately after opening the page. In this video there are showed people who work at Mc Donalds and love their job, smiling and laughing a lot. And Kai Pflaume, a German television presenter probably not from personal experience an “expert” for Mc Donalds career chances, explains, why it’s good to work at Mc Donalds: It offers a wide spectrum of opportunities.

But the message of this and other videos seems to be a different one: Except for the high apprenticeship quality one thing is most important: That beeing part of the Mc Donalds team is like beeing part of a family – within three month like one employee explained. It seems to be this emotional message which is so important, because the image of working at Mc Donalds in Germany is quite bad, somehow linked with the idea of an underqualified rough job you only accept if you really need money. The chief human resources officer so explains in another video the importance of improving that image with the new campaign Mc Donalds started. All in all it seemed to me like Mc Donalds right now wants to give an “honest” view behind the scenes which shows that you are accepted, your qualities and talents are seen and used and that Mc Donalds gives you a lot where others don’t – for example with a low graduation others only give a look to your grades whereas Mc Donalds sees your talents and advances them.

Interestingly the campaign differs very much from the US Mc Donalds employee campaign where I coulnd’t find any video at all. Instead I found a lot of facts that should proof the advantages and benefits of working at Mc Donalds. So the question is why these campaigns do so much differ from each other  and what that says about the employment situation in both countries.

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  1. So here is the question — why the family metaphor for Germany? What does that tell us about Germany and perhaps how German imagine work. Any thoughts?

  2. dorotheejudith

     /  June 25, 2012

    I guess the idea of working within a team where you complement each other, where you are supported by others and could yourself support others with your skills could be compared with the family metaphor. But I couldn’t imagine that to be typical German. In a society of lone fighters and perfectionists that at least isn’t the normal state.
    On the other hand maybe that’s the answer: To escape the pressure to perform people dream of self-fulfillment in their job. Especially when they define theirself primarily by their work. And that IS typical for Germans.


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