Working at McDonald’s

For students, who work at McDonald’s, it seems as a good opportunity to earn some money. Other people working at McDonald’s are upset about the paying. They work a lot and do not even get a raise. They still earn the same hourly wage, although they have children, now. Some workers were not complaining about what they have to do at McDonald’s, they even liked it there because of all the nice people working there. They were getting along well with the team. But, what really was annoying for them, were some customers. Homeless people paid with so much loose change, therefore, the waiting line was getting longer and longer, some even fell asleep at McDonald’s. Some customers treated the McDonald’s worker as if they were stupid and were changing their orders, and the workers had to find a way to deal with these situations.  The working conditions for McDonald’s workers are made difficult by customers. Do the customers think that fast food is not such a top quality food, so the service cannot be good, which leads to the fact that everybody working at McDonald’s must be stupid? Since when did people think that? A video of the McDonald’s worker in 1967 shows what a good opportunity it was to work at McDonald’s and how McDonald’s wanted people to see their workers. On the McDonald’s homepage they still present themselves as a good company to work at with many chances, a good training and a great fellowship.   

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