Going into another direction

On Saturday, I already talked about working for McDonald’s. I think it is a really interesting fact, that working for McDonald’s has a very negative image in Germany even though the quality of apprenticeship with McDonald’s is supposed to be really good.

When someone answer to the question what he or she is doing for a living “I am working for McDonald’s” the first thought would be “What?! Why would anyone who graduated from school do that?”. A lot of people just forget that McDonald’s actually has more job offers than just frying fries and making BicMags.

In Germany you can do a full 3-year apprenticeship with McDonald’s with focus on management or catering (Systemgastronomie?). This education has a good image; it is said to be a really good program. However, it still is McDonald’s – that is why it is not appreciated.

Think about it: What company would be more suitable to show how business management is done than McDonald’s?!  We already talked about this in class – Ray Kroc knew what he was doing, and now McDonald’s is one of most successful and known companies in the world. Again: who would be more suitable to give insight into successful management?!

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