McDonald’s attempt at “healthy”

Looking at the offered products from McDonald’s USA Nutrition Facts for Popular Menu Items, I found the section of the menu that some would deem as the “healthier” options more disturbing than the regular meals associated with McDonald’s. While expected, the fatty meals are ridiculously high in calories, fat, and preservatives. The salads, snack wraps, and oatmeal are on a separate section of the menu in the restaurants and are, what most people consider, the healthier options on the menu. But, for example, the blueberry banana nut oatmeal (8.6 oz) has 290 calories which is close to a regular cheese burger.  I researched further to find that a typical 8 oz. cup of oatmeal is usually around 100 calories, which makes me curious as to what McDonalds could be adding to their food to have such an increase. Surely .6 oz more of oatmeal or fruit and nuts would not be the cause to make the calorie count jump 100+ calories. And it is not just the calories that increase in comparison, but also sugars, fat, etc. It is strange to me to see that the ingredients seem genuine (banana oatmeal, blueberries, light cream, walnuts) and yet the nutritional facts show something not so normal. Maybe it’s the walnuts?

Regardless, coming from America and knowing people who eat at McDonald’s religiously, I have already come to the conclusion that I do not want to encourage the growth of “McDonaldization” or any other fast food establishments. To me, it isn’t even what is in the food as much as it is how badly it affects people. I react to the thought of eating there the same way I do to cigarette smoking: grossed out. I see how it affects my friends and family who eat at fast food restaurants regularly (weight gain, bad skin, low metabolism, etc.) and it just does not appeal to me. I can’t prove that these changes are all due to McDonald’s, but I can’t help but see a pattern when comparing people I know and what they eat.

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  1. So here is the question — how do you fight back? How can you resist McDonaldization? Will you not going to McDonald’s change anything? Are you going to boycott its outlet? I’m just asking so we can all think about the power of our individual and collective decisions.


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