delicious Chicken McNuggets?

I always liked the McDonalds Chicken McNuggets with its tasty and golden shape. But since I googled the so called tasty Chicken McNuggets on the internet I completely chanced my mind. It not only the fact that they first of all contain a lot of salt (1,3g per portion) a lot of fat and calories (250 per portion) but also that they are secondly made of nearly 45% of bread crumbs. I was never someone who looked up the back of this papers which you receive when you order a meal at McDonalds, but when I looked up the ingrediens of the Chicken McNuggets box on their hompage, I felt a little bit like they want to take me for a fool. The picture on the McDonalds website looks so delicious and the nice little text on the right hand corner with its nice sounding verbs and adjectives make the consumers really believe that this is a healthy food. But it isn’t! It’s salty, fatty and contains a lot of albumen. To say it short – it’s unhealthy. But it’s not only the fact that the ingrediens aren’t healthy but also the fact about how the Chicken Nuggets are produced. The meet is from one of the worst parts you can take from a chicken. In fact, I think you can’t even call it proper meat. In addition, they put a lot of falvour in it in order to receive the tasty Nugget taste. So after reading all this articles I really refrain from eating Chicken McNuggets ever again.

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  1. Interesting post. So here is the question — why is your response so different than the kids that Jamie Oliver encounters? Why do they seem unwilling to give up on nuggets even after they saw how they were made?


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