How to confuse customers and delude hungry people

When I went online searching for information on nutrition, I stumbled on something that caught my interest: the GDA. ( Short for Guideline Daily Amount, which is a system to simplify nutritional information, developed by a group of scientists, the “Nutritional Steering Group” in cooperation with McDonalds. Instead of having the usual nutritional information on the wrapping, there are colorful graphics giving you not absolute information on calories or stuff, but relative information, tailored on the nutritional needs of a fictional target person. That is, according to the website, a woman, between 20 and 30 years old who doesn’t exercise (less walking than 30 minutes a day and – of course – no sports).

The GDA tells you what that thing you’re eating fulfills in another person’s diet. If you want to decipher the information provided, you have to go online and figure out your individual nutritional needs using the GDA/McDonalds system. And while you’re on the website, you can easily see which McDonalds products will fulfill your needs and create your daily McDonalds menu. Amazing. Fantastic way of insuring customer loyalty…

Don’t ever eat somewhere else. McDonalds can fulfill all your nutritional needs. All those symbols and colors. It is healthy after all, right?

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