One of the reasons I reduced my visits to McDonalds over the last few years wasn’t theoutrageous amount of salt or fat in their products (I eat healthy most of the time, so stops at a fast food restaurant once in a while was ok), but the low quality of meat. After hearing of MSP and MSM (mechanically separated poultry and meat) I stopped eating there. Romour has it, the actually inedible parts of chicken – tissue, bones, even eyeballs, are pressed through a sieve and ground to a pink lump, washed with ammonia, re-flavoured and portioned to be sold as the best parts of happy little chicken (in fact, MSP does not generally use eyeballs etc. to create ‘meat’, it means stripping bones from leftover meat).

During the research for this week, I checked on the ingredients of Chicken McNuggets – and was surprised. The American website as well as the German one lists white meat (that is chicken breast) and its skin as the meat used in their nuggets. No word of MSP, no yucky ingredients. According to various other sources, McDonalds stopped using MSP years ago. Still don’t feel confident about Chicken McNuggets? Then stay with beef – thanks to BSE, MSM from the carcasses of bovines is prohibited as human food in the U.S.

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