McDonald’s ingredients list

Having a look at the McDonald’s ingredients list, I first had the feeling that my Big Mac ingredients seemed clear and logical. “100% Beef Patty, Big Mac Bun, Pasteurized Process American Cheese, Big Mac Sauce, Lettuce, Pickle Slices, Onions”. These are all things I know of and I am well aware that they are on every Big Mac I buy.  I even was impressed by the description of 100% Beef Patty. All rumors of weird chemically added things in the meat seem eliminated. Lettuce sound healthy. All in all – a good meal for lunch.

The ingredients list is built up in a way that I did not like looking around much. I kind of had the feeling, this is no interesting page, there will not be much to see or discover; now, you know what your Big Mac consists of, so go and enjoy your meal.

But, by taking a closer look, there is much to discover.  I could find the single Big Mac ingredients again, listing what they contain of and, therefore, also my Big Mac. Here were many ingredients I never heard of and I do not know what they are for.  

Looking at the entire ingredients list many questions arise. Lots of products contain natural flavor, but what is meant by that? What about all the other strange sounding ingredients? What colour would my food have if the colour-ingredients would be left out?

In the end, I knew all the ingredients that were in a McDonald’s product, but I was not any wiser than before.

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