The lowest common denominator (for eating out)?

Beside the harsh critisism that dominates in the “Urban Dictionary” the “definitions” of Mc Donalds  as an organization that makes people fat and silly and even worse, there also appeared the thesis that Mc Donalds is something absolutely typical for the manner of almost every American when it comes to eating out.

Some even spoke of the American imperialism manifested in the “culture” of Mc Donalds brought to almost every foreign country.  If you bring the harsh critisism and the notice of ubiquity of Mc Donalds not only in every modern suburb but also in the manners of the most Americans together it leads to the really interesting question what the probably qualified criticism says about these Americans or even about the whole western and globalized culture.

On the one hand they seem to know exactly about the dangers of eating to much Mc Donalds food, especially because Mc Donalds publishes the nutrition facts of its dishes directly on the wrapping. On the other hand most people don’t stop eating the Mc Donalds food, so that one describes the phenomenon of the worldwide success of Mc Donalds as an invasion – “like a virus”.

So this leads to the question what makes the great appeal of Mc Donalds though we know about the ugly facts of conform mass production and the unhealthiness of these products. Maybe one “advantage” of Mc Donalds is that it couls be used for many as a scapegoat, like one description pointed out. If the weight one has is to heavy it’s the mistake of Mc Donalds simply beeing part of the culture. But there have to be more reasons to explain the lasting success of Mc Donalds. Maybe we will find out some of them during the next weeks.


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