Fast food – fast conclusions (?)

On reading the articles on I noticed the overwhelming amount of not only negative but also polemic entries. Most of them addressed the customers as well as the food, and as I scrolled down the pages and flicked through the articles it became obvious that customers were considered even more stupid than the employees.
Until not so long ago it wasn’t bad weighing a little more than a german size 38, it was considered a sign of good health. Nowadays ‘obese’ seems to start with a size 42, and interestingly enough weight and IQ are connected if you read the articles under that point of view. Fat customers are stupid? Why do we associate obesity with stupidness? The book by Josh Ozersky describes the early stages of McDonalds as a restaurant fit for everyone from worker’s to suburban car-owner’s wage, an affordable and clean alternative to eating at home. This seems to have changed, and along with it the customers and our view on those people eating McDonalds on a regular basis.
What I’m trying to say is that we obviously connect eating habits with a certain level of IQ, which has changed over the last fifty years and which is probably still in the process of changing. How is McDonalds going to change our view on its customers over the next fifty years?

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