everything that’s wrong with society…

Ronald McDonald is Evil Personified, the place itself is a “hell hole, “spawned by Satan himself on his day of”, selling “rat poisoned nazi burgers” – people use every possible image, religious or political, to picture McDonalds as the evil thing they want it to be seen as. But what is it, that’s so wrong about it? It seems, that only a certain group of people supposedly eats and works there. That group is – according to urbandictionary – either “fat” or “dumb” or, most probably, both. McDonalds seems to be exploiting them as workers or deluding them as customers, playing on their “stupidity”, for they can’t see the health risks that come with eating at McDonalds. But what is it that makes people vividly rant about it? It might be the power that McDonalds undoubtedly has, that makes people angry.  People, who distinguish themselves from that earlier mentioned group of McDonaldists, but nevertheless, seem to know a lot about the place “where only little children, hobos, poor people and fatasses addicted to their food go to eat.” – either you don’t know any better or you don’t have a choice. And McDonalds will do everything to keep it that way, fostering stultification. Consumers make a decision, they create power, they influence politics. McDonalds draws its power from people, who – according to the cliché of urbandictionary – probably wouldn’t register to vote. McDemocracy.

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  1. Interesting idea about McDonald’s and democracy. What are you saying? What is the power of consumers?

    See a blog I wrote sometime ago where I talk about buying as a “rough democracy.”


    Is this a useful formulation?


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