Are we all going to get fat?

After the page McDonald’s is per definition one of the biggest fast food franchise in the world. Here they sell all the same unhealthy burgers. It is one of the best known fast food restaurants and it is more and more frequented by minorities and poorer people. Regardless which McDonald’s in the world you visit, you will always find the same menu, the same design and the same stuff dress. The impact of McDonald’s is basically based on the health issue. Meaning, that more and more people are eating more and more salty, calories containing food. This food is regardless to its unhealthiness pretty famous. And because of the friendly and family oriented atmosphere, most of the Americans love it to eat there. Prices are quite low and so are even the poorer ones able to afford a Happy Meal. But this price dumping causes on the other hand low wages and long working hours. The reality shows that the consumers of McDonald’s cannot be really educated. The fact that the hamburgers, chicken nuggets and even the salads of McDonald’s aren’t healthy is well known. But this seems to be no problem for most of the consumers. Even the commercials show a different, a more healthy food. McDonald’s impact on the whole globe is that this company together with its cheap and addicting food, succeeds in symbolizing the spread of the American way of thinking.

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