The “Fast Food Giant”

Having read a selection of posts and comments on “” it is clear that an overwhelming majority of people writing on that matter feel highly critical of, even repulsed by what McDonald’s is characterized by and represents. One account of an McD. employee (for obvious reasons, the validity of the claims are beyond my means of investigation) describes exploitative working conditions and very unpleasant labor for minimal wages, while building a growing disgust for the customers. A different post categorized the people coming to McD. in various groups,  none of which really flattering, which included “the hater”, “the complainer” and “the pig”. Recurring, almost universal were the topics of the negative impact on people’s health, the indoctrination of kids and the fast food chain an a paradigm of being almost at the lowest conceivable end of the social and vocational ladder, a “catchment basin” for life’s losers, to put it drastically. Moreover, the global influence of the “Golden Arches” often was an issue and here the critical, even regretful opinions prevailed, as some considered it to be a shame that the USA is associated far more with the ubiquitous signs of a fast food chain, whose working practice leaves to be desired, than with aspects actually concerning the country as such.
Interestingly enough, the posts on the Big Mac are quite ambiguous in the sense that many pointed out the addictive nature of this most iconic McD. product, despite the knowledge of the detrimental effects on one’s health and its gradually decreasing size. So, in the end, we see both a shunning and a – maybe morbid? – fascination with a company, whose influence cannot be denied and which will continue to polarize society.

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