McDonald’s makes you fat

On Urbandictionary there were many people writing about how McDonald’s makes people fatter and fatter. McDonalds would also have very unhealthy food. People, who have been eating the food for years, wonder why they become fat. They even give McDonald’s the responsibility for it. It would have a bad influence on the people’s eating habits and their health. Ironically, I just saw an European Championship Game and there was McDonald’s advertising at the side of the playing field. McDonald’s presenting itself at a sports event; where sporty and healthy players were running around, full of energy. These seem to be the two sides; McDonald’s, how it wants to show itself to a part of the world, and what people really think of it. But I guess there must still be enough people, who believe in the sporty side of McDonald’s according to the comments on so many people getting fat from McDonald’s food. I wonder, how many soccer players eat at McDonald’s regularly?

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