McDonald’s as slang

While looking up all sorts of words that are in one way or the other connected to McDonald’s it surprised me that McDonald’s vocabulary is used in colloquial English. For example, the entries on “happy meal” are surprisingly often connected to sex – well, to be fair, one should notice that those allusions to sex again provide a rather negative impression of McDonald’s, so the assumption that connecting “happy meal” to sex also just serves the purpose of talking bad about McDonald’s  would not be too far- fetched.

Other Examples for McDonald’s vocabulary in colloquial English are “Burger King” (as I already mentioned, I included all words that are  in one way or the other connected to McDonald’s), “Chicken McNugget” (for a good looking woman) etc.

Moreover, I noticed that the “Mc” of McDonald’s is used in a variety of situations – for example in McJobs or in popular TV Series (Grey’s Anatomy Nicknames McDreamy and McSteamy). It seems like not only McDonald’s itself is a hugh part of American society but also its language.

One aspect of all this that I do not fully understand is: If the majority dislikes McDonald’s (it seems to be the majority if we take a look at the overall “opinion on the street” and the entries in the Urban Dictionary) why do they integrate it into their life even more by adjusting their language to McDonald’s?  I can understand that McDonald’s is an indestructible company but why do people give it even more power?

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