The Golden Arches Go Green

I was surpised to see how very one-sided the comments on Urbandictionary were, I guess I was expecting a little more self-reflection and less social criticism for the sake of criticism alone. Then again, the site is created by/marketed for a younger crowd (say 15-30) where criticism of standardization, capitalism, conformity and big business are seemingly essential coming of age points for our generation…for now. I think what is important and interesting to understand is just this, the “Zeitgeist” , of the time we are in. Most of the arguments presented against Mcdonalds have to do with its environmental impact (paper use, beef production etc.) and its lack of any real nutriotional value (i.e. arguing the food is “shit wrapped in paper packaging” ) yet, these arguments are just as much a reflection of our time as the thirst for modernity and standardized production were at the time when McDonalds first emerged. McDonalds has catered to our capitalistic whims and fancies, quickly and efficiently for years, it just so happens the latest (capitalist?) ideological fad (environmentalism and organic food) don’t fit with the McDonalds model. It will be interesting to see how the Golden Giant responds to these changes. Could we even survive without big business, standardization, and the McFlurry? Or better, can capitalism and environmental consciousness even coexist?

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