McDonald’s as an image of distinction?

Looking up McDonald’s on UrbanDictionary, it seems as if the evaluation of ‘studying food to be subversive’ is fitting very well into this context. The descriptions of what McDonald’s and its impact is vary from descriptions concerning nutrition to descriptions concerning the work situation, from its cultural impact to the classification of its customers as “dump fat-asses”. Furthermore, suing McDonald’s for being responsible for obesity seems to be an important characteristic in defining McDonald’s and its impact. The comments on UrbanDictionary strongly suggest that McDonald’s affects wide parts of the ‘Western’ society and that discussions about it go beyond the discussion about healthy nutrition. Nearly all comments define McDonald’s in a negative way and suggest that McDonald’s in one way or the other is a harmful corporation. This may rise the question of how far McDonald’s as a company and its customers as a social group may serve as an image of distinction that may help other companies and social groups to establish their self-image of being “different”, i. e. not harmful, healthy, smart, and self-controlled.

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