McDonald’s: Epitome of Modern (American) Lifestyle?!

McDonald’s is perceived in most of the entries as a globally organized and recognized, culturally controversial, profit-oriented, and inhuman company that exploits their employees as well as their customers, foremost children. Represented and well-known worldwide, McDonald’s is seen as a threat to (non-American?!) cultural values and social norms while at the same time it is perceived as the emblem of American culture. The McDonald’s cooperation is described as capitalistic and the executive managers as being estranged from real-life working conditions. Standardized mass production and “minimum wage for maximum labor” imply that McDonald’s is an inhuman environment to work and eat.  Both, workers and clients, are described as members of lower-class, poorly educated, minority groups with McDonald’s as the epitome of a total failure of existence. The food is depicted as being of bad quality, therefore, highly fattening and the (only?!) cause for American obesity, in more positive comments also as fast, cheap, clean, and convenient. Hence, urbandictionary. com  shows through a very graphic, oftentimes vulgar language that McDonald’s is a highly controversial topic that polarizes masses worldwide.

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