Is Walking the Answer?

Is it?  Is it the answer to all our questions?  Are cars, then, the problem?  In a sense, this is what James Howard Kunstler argues in his books, particularly Geography of Nowhere.  He, in fact, calls the suburbs car slums.

Obviously there is has been a lot written on the suburbs and the decline of community, recalling this question about why the Amish don’t drive?  The answer, they believe,  “a car pulls people apart.” And there is has been much written about the costs of our car culture and the landscape it has created.  How much we spend in terms of time and money to drive.

Now more and more people are focusing on the suburbs and public health.   See this chart on place and high blood pressure.







And this weekend, NPR ran a show, on “Americans Do Not Walk Enough and That is a Growing Problem.”  So are cities the answer?   That is certainly David Owen’s answer in his book, Green Metropolis:  Why Living Smaller, Living Closer, and Driving Less are the Keys to Sustainability.

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