Fat Politics

Fat Politics is the title of J. Eric Oliver’s book.  This is, in many ways, a rebuttal to Greg Crister’s book, Fat Land  and Morgan Spurlock’s shock-doc, Super Size Me.

 Oliver shows how a handful of doctors, government bureaucrats and health researchers, with financial backing from the drug and weight-loss industry, have campaigned to classify more than 60 million Americans as ‘overweight.’  This has also jived, he argues, with broad middle-class “cultural bias against fat and fat people.”  Together these forces have conspired to  inflate the alleged health risks of being fat and to promote the idea that obesity is a killer disease. In reviewing the scientific evidence, Oliver shows that there is little proof either that obesity causes so many diseases and deaths or that losing weight makes people any healthier.  Really, he argues that exercise and activity are more important to long-term health than body size and food intake.


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