Fat acceptance

Recently, someone clued me in to the burgeoning fat acceptance movement–apparently, they are a huge force on feminist blog comment rolls.

Here’s one of the blogs in this vein and here’s another.

Tasha Fierce wrote a personal essay  attacking fat shamers that got some play on Jezebel:

“When someone is fat shamed, the person doing the shaming often justifies it as them being concerned for the fat person’s health. Of course we know that’s bullshit. Fatphobia has nothing to do with health, if someone was really concerned they wouldn’t harp on it to the detriment of fat people’s self esteem. And a ton of fat people can attest that they eat healthily and exercise. I however, cannot. So is the health argument justified in my case? Well, no, because fat also has nothing to do with health. It’s the food I eat that’s the issue. It’s the fact that I eat when I’m definitely not physically hungry. It’s my lack of exercise.”

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  1. kloknyc

     /  April 12, 2012

    Hmm, ok, so she says she’s fat, but that has nothing to do with health?? I realize that this week’s books are entirely focused on the contentious debate of the link between fat/obesity and ‘health’..however, I feel as though this young lady is missing that important link that certain amounts of fat can contribute to numerous health issues..or do they not really contribute and it’s all about the creation of another money-making industry in our capitalist world?? And so the debate continues…

  2. They were a huge force at Hampshire (and probably still are) not surprising I suppose. Part of the problem is how do we define who is fat? And when does it correspond to health as opposed to standards of beauty, for both men and women? This is somewhat tangential, but your post reminded me of Amy Farrell (she teaches American Studies at Dickinson). Here is a clip of her on Colbert discussing fat shame: http://www.bigfatblog.com/amy-farrell-colbert-report.


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