Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver gets mentioned briefly by Gilman (and I believe he has come up before in relation to a few other books we’ve read). His knack for making very visual points is fairly unparalleled in my opinion. He definitely has ideas about what is causing childhood obesity and spends a lot of time talking about the abundance of processed foods and the over-consumption of sugar. This video is about his wish to teach every child about food. 

I tend to think he is fairly persuasive in his arguments, but then again, I’m a sucker for a dramatic visual effect.

Jamie Oliver’s TED Talk



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  1. kloknyc

     /  April 11, 2012

    I tend to agree that Oliver’s argument is solid and although he doesn’t address issues of inequalities of access to healthy food options I think his wish and mission for healthy food in schools alongside educational programs is a great start..at least those kids eating school meals might be able to receive one or two healthier meals each day.

    His talk reminded me..the other day while visiting a girlfriend I was standing in her kitchen and happened to see her 7 yr. old son’s school menu for the month of April. 3 of the 5 days each week pizza was one of the alternate options, fries were a staple, alongside ‘chicken chunks’ which I assume are chicken nuggets. Arguably there were a few healthy options but by and large it was just a sad school menu.

  2. Jamie Oliver just manages to keep popping up here. It’s interesting that he sees the food industry and private corporations as responsible actors in funding and initiating change. Granted I skipped around so maybe I missed his call for government intervention, although, I have to wonder what that might look like. Obviously there are Levine tie ins here, but I am always so disturbed by his use of that one family as a model, and how they fit into stereotypes about the rural South.


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