Foodie Manifestos

I wouldn’t want to overshadow Carly’s really interesting (if spoiler-ific) post on fat.

But I thought that since it’s mentioned so frequently in Foodies, I should post the Chowhound Manifesto in its entirety. It’s interesting how Chowhound, the consummate foodie gathering-place, denies its very foodie-ness (see below).

(For the uninitiated: Chowhound is one of the earliest/longest-running forums for the food-obsessed to debate esoterica. Users argue over topics like “where’s the best barbeque in Eastern North Carolina,” or “where can I satisfy my dim sum craving?” As Henry Kissinger once remarked about academia–a similarly navel-gazing bunch–“the debates are so fierce because the stakes are so low.”) Here’s the Manifesto:

Everyone has one in his life: the brother-in-law with a collection of 800 takeout menus, the co-worker who’s late from lunch because she HAD to trek to one end of town for soup and to the other for a sandwich. Chowhounds know where the good stuff is, and they never settle for less than optimal deliciousness, whether dining in splendor or grabbing a quick slice.


We’re not talking about foodies. Foodies eat where they’re told. Chowhounds blaze trails. They comb through neighborhoods for culinary treasure. They despise hype. And while they appreciate ambiance and service, they can’t be fooled by flash.


No media outlets serve Chowhounds. They’ve never had a place to gather and exchange information. This discerning, passionate crowd has long been completely invisible and utterly disenfranchised… until now.


If you, too, fret endlessly about making every bite count; if you’d grow weak from hunger rather than willingly eat something less than delicious, this place is for you! Welcome to our community. Let’s talk. Let’s swap tips.


You needn’t be an expert to participate. If you’re less food-obsessed than the rest of us, but have a yen for egg creams, gazpacho, or Quisp Cereal, let the resident hounds guide you to the best stuff. Follow (and chime in on) the rollicking discussion — featuring thousands of messages from characters all over the world.

After turning up this, I looked around for other foodie manifestos; they’re (un)suprisingly common. Here’s  one from the blog Leek Geeks:

I have been thinking about what it means to be a foodie lately. More than one of our introductory posts on here have taken a definite stance – either we are and embrace it or are not – and shun it? feel sheepish about it? I am unsure of the tone. So it got me thinking – is being a “foodie” seen as a snobby thing? I certainly hope not.


To me – my life kind of revolves around food. From parties or breastfeeding, tea breaks to hospitality tips, the Eucharist to community supported agriculture and “beyond organic” theory, from the whole foods movement to gardening, from food photography to penitential fasting, from butter-love to fresh veggies to wandering through the market in summer… to picnics, to co-ops… yeah, my life essentially revolves around food, and I think that’s fine. I think food and eating are major natural sacraments. I think health and wellness come first from eating right and treating the earth, the animals, and our farmers with respect.


I love to eat. I love to learn to appreciate what I am eating better. I love food. To me, that’s what being a foodie means.


What about you? Why do you say you are or are not a foodie?

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