Call for Chapter Proposals on Chinese Restaurants in the US

I saw this and figured some of you might be writing your final papers on Chinese Restaurants. Why not get published, while you’re at it?

The Chinese Restaurant in the United States

Edited by Bruce Makoto Arnold and Raymond Chong

We invite proposal submissions for a forthcoming anthology that addresses The Chinese restaurant in the United States. This collection welcomes interdisciplinary perspectives from fields including (but not limited to) history, anthropology, critical and cultural theory, American Studies, Asian-American studies, and foodways.

Some possible topics could include:

*General histories
*Histories of specific restaurants
*An analysis of marketing used to attract customers
*An analysis of Chinese restaurant chains
*An analysis of the Chinese restaurant delivery industry

Prospective authors should submit a 500-word abstract outlining their proposed topic and approach, the amount of time they would require to produce a near-publishable draft, and a brief biographical sketch to: Bruce Arnold and Raymond Chong at by May 20, 2012.

Invitations to submit an essay draft for publication consideration will be made based on abstracts.

Bruce Makoto Arnold and Raymond Chong

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  1. Anyone want to write something — maybe we could do a class article. Let’s come up with a proposal.


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