Sounds good, huh?

We’ve gotten so used to the words “reading” “terminal” and “market” as a phrase, that it’s easy to forget why those particular words are being put in that order. Terminal markets, according to Wikipedia, are central sites, usually in urban areas, that serve “as an assembly and trading place for commodities….usually at or near major transportation hubs.” Farmers would ship their produce via railroad, like the Reading, to a terminal market, where wholesalers would peruse the goods. While such markets still exist in some areas (one thinks immediately of the Fulton Fish Market, which, when it opened in the early 19th century, was part of a larger market) many have survived by turning themselves into eater’s paradises, where an average family or a couple can pick up some interesting produce and indulge in some ethnic cuisine. In that regard, much as I love it, Reading Terminal Market isn’t all…

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