Here Goes the Counterculture Again

This week we will surely be asking ourselves what so counter about counterculture capitalism.  One of the key traits of consumer capitalism — why is so worth studying and thinking with – is its responsiveness and the speed of that responsiveness.

So what is upon us now.  Linsanity.  Lin is everywhere.  Not wanting to miss out, Ben and Jerry’s has put out a new yogurt named after the turnover prone guard.  Turns out, they had to take out the fortune cookies.  Is this the counterculture?

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  1. dygottlieb

     /  February 27, 2012


    Reading those last few chapters got me thinking about industrial organics. Is it a good thing that you can now buy organic arugula and organic microwave dinners at Wal-Mart? Or is this just a new way for the food industry to sell higher-status/higher cost goods to a wider market?

    And what’s better for the environment: non-organic domestic asparagus or organic asparagus flown in from Chile (and likely harvested by a grower with some dubious labor practices)?

    In this article/video, Corby Kummer (The Atlantic’s erstwhile food editor) wanders around a Wal-Mart, gauging the organic goods. Worth watching, if only for his pronunciation of produce as “prah-deuce.”


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