Let’s See What the Time’s Has to Say…

…as a way to gauge current opinion on school lunches.

Circa 2006, here’s one of the articles Levine mentions, “The School-Lunch Test,” about Agatston Research Foundation’s foray into school lunch reform.  (FYI: Arthur Agatston is the founder of the South Beach Diet).  It’s a long-ish read, but worth it, especially for the repeated mention of “crustables.”

Here’s one on the “Surge in Free School Lunch” complements of the economy, and the implementation of direct certification in 2004 where students are enrolled in free lunch automatically if their family receives foods stamps.  This article even has an interactive map!

And here’s a short one on the USDA.  They wanted to add more fruits and vegetables to school lunches, but were defeated by food industry lobbyists.  Tomato paste still counts as a vegetable though and cost trumps nutrition and health.  Here’s a follow-up article about those proposed rules, it seems the National Potato Council is still upset about the potato’s second class status, bringing us back to Diner’s book.

There are many more, but I’ll leave it at this for now so as to only potentially incur the wrath of the Potato Council.

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