Mad Men at a Japanese restaurant

Here is the clip from Mad Men where Dan Draper meets up his client of Mohawk Airlines at a Japanese restaurant. The client made a comment that the place reminded him of the Pearl Harbor. Apparently, the waitress who made Dan’s eyes glue to  is dressed in China dress (not in Japanese costume, kimono), holding an exotic cocktail umbrella whose image derives from the concept of the Pacific Rim.  The BGM is Sukiyaki song by a Japanese folk singer Kyu Sakamoto. As you know, the title of this song, sukiyaki, a name of Japanese dish has nothing to do with what the song is about. It is too bad that Dan did not order any food but had some whiskey or bourbon (or dared not to eat Japanese food). I guess this scene is set up around 1961 and it was even before Benihana opened its very first restaurant on West 56th Street in New York, 1964. So I am very curious what kind of food was served at that restaurant.  Although I often wonder how accurately these drama series are created based upon the historical facts, that is not so important after all. I am not surprised to find those dramas are the reflections of how we imagine the idealized or nostalgic life of the 60s was like.  But still it is quite intriguing to me that the director decided to adopt this narrative setting for this episode.

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