Food on the internet

I can’t seem to add links to the blogroll, but I’ve come across a bunch of sites you all may be interested in. First, Eater Philly is brand new, an addition to a national food blog that I mostly read for Max Silvestri’s Top Chef Recaps. I also look at Grub Street Philadelphia but rarely click through because my attention span is shot.

For further food-TV recaps, try Vulture and AV Club. I watch most of my food-related television on hulu, but I loved Chopped so much I’ve taken to purchasing it on iTunes. Totally worth it. What if all you had in your pantry was goat’s brains, kale, animal crackers, and froot loops??

When cooking, I like to make recipes from Smitten Kitchen, which features lots of pretty pictures in addition to clear instructions.

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